IT Solutions

Two can solutions provides both Web Solution and portal development services. We work with you personally as an individual or organisation to achieve your portal and website’s maximum potential.With our outstanding web and portal developers using state of the art technologies our key focus is on what our customers need and ensuring they leave a happy satisfied friend.


Response Designs

With the increase of smart and mobile devices, more people tend to visit webpages and portals on the go. At TwoCan Solutions, our designs are responsive to meet all forms of devices to give your users the best browser experience possible.We test against a wide range of web browsers and mobile gadgets which include Android tablets with various screen sizes, IPad and IPhones.

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Commerce and online presence are now very juxtaposed and can no more be differentiated in today’s technology. Around the world e-commerce, is a widely adopted way of online business transaction with Nigeria and Africa not been an exception. This is has birthed different e-commerce based web portal solution in around the world.

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Know Your Customer (KYC)

At TwoCan Solutions, our Business and Design Architects are very experienced in understanding current trends and how the web industry is evolving. We can help you identify how to minimise frustrations and provide the best experience for your users by providing insightful use cases on how people use websites from day to day. Rather than just having a website solely for information purposes, we can help you turn website visitors into leads and leads into sales.

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Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

TwoCan Solutions can provide you with Enterprise Resource Planning Solution that scales with your organisation. We can scale to both large and small medium enterprise organisation for the use of collection, storing, managing and interpreting data from many business activities, including: Product planning and cost.


Content Management Solutions

TwoCan Solutions can provide you with a content management solution (CMS) which allows you to easily and effectively create, edit and publish content on your own website. This helps you to save money instead of employing or outsourcing the management or administration of your dynamic website.

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Technologies used